More Good Weeks Day 5: Review

(30 minute edition)

This 5 day course has been all about having #moregoodweeks

So, how will you know if you've had one?

If you kept a note of your own top 3 'good week' criteria from Day 1, these may help you think about whether this week has been a 'good' week. 

A regular 'personal weekly review', can help you stay on track.

It's a great opportunity to see what's working really well, what might need changing, or tweaking, so it works better - and how you can integrate your learning into your plans for next week.

today's questions:

1. Remind yourself of the 3 'Good Week' criteria you came up with on Day 1. According to these criteria, have you had a 'good' week?


2. Look back at the '3 good things' on your weekly planning sheet from Day 3. Did you manage to get them done - or at least make a start?


3. On Day 4, you identified a potential challenge, opportunity and distraction that might come up this week. If any of these came up, how well did you handle them?







4. What went really well this week?


5. What didn't go so well this week?


6. Can you name 3 things you're thankful for - and 3 times you've noticed grace at work, over the last 7 days?










7. What are you learning this week? And how can you integrate what you're learning into your plans for next week?





Next Week this means....





You might just want to think about these questions - or journal your answers in a notebook.

If you'd like a printable PDF of today's questions...

Download the Day 5 worksheet here

If you've not got much time today - and you’d like to check out the shorter version, just click on the button below, to take you to the 3 minute edition.


P.S. If you find this exercise useful, why not print out a few of the weekly review sheets. - and schedule some time in your diary once a week? 

You can do this exercise over a quick cuppa; but if you've got more time - and want to get creative, you could adapt this exercise for your own bullet journalling practise.   

If you want to boost your chances of making a weekly personal review a habit - you could always grab yourself an accountability buddy. Why not make a weekly kitchen or cafe date, to get together and review you week?

A final note as we come to the end...

Knowing what matters to us - and being more intentional with our time, is a good thing. 

Leaning primarily on our own plans (and our own understanding) - isn't.

Having #moregoodweeks is about far more than what we do - or get done in the world. 

It's also about way more than who we are now - or who we want to be. 

If it was only about these things, it would make our life and work all about us - and our own efforts. Which clearly, it isn’t.

Here's the thing: Even if we don’t manage to do what we intended to do - or even to be the person we wanted to be - we can still have a 'good' week. 

When our plans get thwarted, everything goes wrong - or we get completely upended by our circumstances, there's always more grace.

When we keep turning back to the one who matters - and to what matters most, everything changes.

When we make ourselves available to be redirected in faith, and keep in step with the Spirit, that’s a 'good' week, right there.

The very best kind.

And that's it. You're done! Congratulations on finishing #moregoodweeks.