More Good Weeks Day 4: Implementation

(30 minute edition)

Each day has enough trouble of it's own, right?

A good plan is a good start. But that's all it is.

A good plan (at least on paper) does not a good week make.

Hands up here - I'd be the first to admit that whilst I'm pretty good at making plans - I'm often nowhere near as good at following through.

How you implement your plan, one day at a time, matters. 

You'll need to take consistent focussed action to get things done - and make each day count - so over the course of the week, you can do what matters most.

And know this - how you are able to gracefully deal with the unexpected things that come at you day by day - (the stuff that certainly didn't figure in any plan you ever made) can make all the difference, to having #moregoodweeks.

Looking these things straight in the eye, before they smack you in the mouth, is one way you can get a good start on what you might want to do, to handle them as well as you can.  

Although you obviously can't see all the things coming - what can you do, to expect the unexpected?

Today's questions:

1. Next week, what is likely to be your biggest potential....

  • Challenge?
  • Opportunity?
  • Distraction?


2. Now that you know these things - what can you do to make sure you handle them well - and avoid any obstacles getting in the way of doing what matters to you?


3. Where might putting specific time windows or hard deadlines in your diary help you hold space for your '3 good things'; so you don't get to the end of the week - and find you've not done any of them? (eg. book a cafe date with a friend from 10-11am on Saturday, rather than if you get round to it - or commit to having all this week's essential work done by 3pm on Friday - so you've still got a couple of hours to mop up on Friday in an emergency, rather than plan to finish at 5pm - and end up taking the work home with you. Again.) 


4. Where might it be better to retain some flexibility, so that your plans can bend a bit if they need to - rather than break? It can be useful to tie one good activity to another - rather than a specific time. (eg. rather than risk skipping going for a run, if you miss going at a specific time - say 7pm, you could agree with yourself to go straight after you do something - eg. get home from work - or before you do something else - eg. watch Netflix.)


5. Distractions are one thing... but ultimately, your weekly plan is not the boss of you. How might you know if it's right to allow yourself to be redirected, regarding any of your plans on paper? (Do you trust your intuition, your gut - or something or someone else?)



You might just want to think about these questions - or journal your answers in a notebook.

If you'd like a printable PDF of today's questions...

Download the Day 4 worksheet here


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