More Good Weeks Day 4: Implementation

(3 minute edition)

A good plan is a good start. But that's all it is.

How you implement your plan, one day at a time, matters. 

And know this - how you are able to gracefully deal with the unexpected things that come at you day by day - (the stuff that certainly didn't figure in any plan you ever made) can make all the difference, to having #moregoodweeks.

Q: NEXT WEEK, what is likely to be your biggest potential...

1. challenge?

2. Opportuinity?

3. distraction?

eg. Maybe your biggest challenge will be how to get your work done in time this week, so you don't have to catch up over the weekend? Perhaps your biggest opportunity, might be the chance to meet up with friends who are passing through? And the potential biggest distraction? Maybe for you it's social media, or Netflix... or something else?

That's it for today. You're done.

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