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Would you like to spend 30 minutes thinking about what's next for you?

I'm glad to offer a one-off call, to anyone who has finished 'More Good Weeks' - and would like to think about what's next.

This call isn't designed to offer you a full coaching session.

But what it will give you, is a taste of how a 'coaching approach' can help you think things through.

30 good minutes, to think about what ever it is that you need to think about.

You'll get time to hear yourself think - and some space, to work out what you might want to do, so you can keep moving forward.

If you want somewhere to think, I'm all in.

You decide what you want to think about - and after taking a few moments to clarify what matters most here - and where you want to get to - we'll dive right in.

The aim is that at the end, you'll go away with what you need to take the next step - from where you are now, towards where you want to be.

We can arrange to talk face to face online (using the easy to use, free video conferencing platform Zoom) - or over the phone, if you prefer. 

If you'd like to arrange a free 30 minute call, just click on the date/time you want to book - and then hit 'continue' - which will take you to the screen to fill in your details.

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