More Good Weeks Day 2: Clarity

(30 minute edition)

Many of us have a pretty good idea of what matters most to us. 

But here's the thing - we can sometimes get so bent out of shape, that the way we live and work barely reflects our core values - or our current priorities.

And this isn't just about what we do - but how we do it.

eg. It's not just about prioritising time to be with family or friends - it's about being the kind of person you want to be, when you're with them. 

Today, it's time to think about how your priorities are regularly, visibly reflected, in the way you do life and work.

Of course, every week is different - and it's not always possible to allocate our time and energy in direct proportion to how important things are to us.... 

Some of us also have much more freedom with our time, than others.

But when we become more intentional about how we use our time and energy - we may realise we have much more freedom than we think, to do what matters most to us.

Let's dive in:

today's questions

1. What matters most? What are your 3 biggest priorities, in this particular season of your life and work?



  3. eg. Quality time with family or friends, being productive at work, investing in your relationship with God, being available to coach your local sports team, your wellbeing, leading and/or serving other at your local church? Or something else?...

2. How well does the way you regularly spend your time and energy reflect what matters most to you these days?

3. What is currently getting much more (or less) of you, than it truly deserves?

4. How do you want things to be different?

5. Now that you know what matters most to you, what would it take to have #moregoodweeks?



You might just want to think about these questions - or journal your answers in a notebook.

If you'd like a printable PDF of today's questions...

Download the Day 2 worksheet

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