More Good Weeks Day 1: Awareness

(3 minute edition)

This mini-course is about taking time to think about your life and work - and take some action, so you can have #moregoodweeks

But here's the thing - we're all different. There are plenty of ways to have a good week. What makes a week a good week for you, won't be the same for all of us.

As we start Day 1, it's useful to think about what a 'good' week means to you. Try to nail it down to 3 things if you can.

Q: What makes a week - 'a good week' for you?...




eg. Maybe a good week for you right now is about your wellbeing, your productivity, your sense of purpose - or living out of your values. Maybe it's less about getting things done - and more about being the person you want to be. Or something else?

...AND When was the last time you had A 'GOOD' WEEK?



Based on your own criteria, maybe you're having a good week this week. Great! But if it's been a while since you had a good week, hang in there. We'll be working towards having #moregoodweeks over the next 5 days.

That's it for today. You're done.

If you've got a bit more time today - and want to check out the extended version with the PDF worksheet, just click on the button below, to take you to the 30 minute edition.