More Good Weeks: 30 minute edition

Welcome to the 30 minute version of More Good Weeks.

This extended version will contain a longer introduction, together with some questions to think about - or an exercise to help you think about the day's theme.

As a guide, here's a list of the areas we'll be covering over the next 5 days:

Day 1: Awareness - What makes a week a 'good' week for you?

Day 2: Clarity - What matters most?

Day 3: Planning - Plan your week, making room your main priorities.

Day 4: Implementation - Walk out your plan, one grace-filled day at a time.

Day 5: Review - Check in with yourself regularly, so you can see what's working, reflect on what you're learning - and celebrate on the way.

This 30 minute version will include some questions - together with an optional PDF worksheet that you can print out, if you're someone who likes to do their thinking and/or planning on paper.

NB. There's no need to print out the worksheets, unless you'd like to. Just grab yourself a cuppa, a pen and your notebook or journal - and find yourself somewhere you can think, so you can dig in.

If you'd like to print out the worksheets each day, here's the workbook front and back cover pages of the workbook, to get you started:

Download the front & back cover pages

That's it!

Want to check out the 3 minute version of More Good Weeks too, if you might need something short and simple some days?

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