How does coaching work?

Each 1:1 coaching conversation lasts one hour

To keep coaching as affordable as possible (and save our coaching clients significant travel time) most of the coaching we do takes place online (we can meet face to face, via Skype or Zoom) or over the phone. If you’re local to NW Leicestershire, we can arrange to meet in a quiet public space, like a local cafe.

We'll encourage you to arrive at each conversation ready to think - and leave ready to take action.

We’ll work together so you can make sure you have what you need, by the end of each session.

Whether we’re meeting online, over the phone, or in person, we recommend bringing a cuppa, your diary - and your preferred way of getting things out of your head. That might be a pen and paper (or a pad of sticky notes) - or your laptop or tablet.

We work with the ways you work.

You set the agenda. A coaching conversation provides a framework.

Coaching will equip you to:

  • Reflect on where you are now - and where you want to get to

  • Explore your options

  • Come up with new ideas you’ve not thought of yet

  • Navigate obstacles you’re facing - and develop possible solutions to any particular challenges.

  • Decide what you're going to do next - and who else you might need to talk to

  • Work out what will help you move forwards

By the end of each conversation, you have what you need to take the next steps. We’ll also encourage you to consider how you’ll help yourself stay on track.