And suddenly, we’re into December - and Advent. There’s something about this season, that stirs wonder; whether in the midst of peace - or chaos.

If only we dare, to give ourselves a moment, to notice the view.

On a personal level, I’m a sucker for a good view.

I love wide-open landscapes - and looking up at the stars. As someone who loves learning new things, one thing I’m looking forward to in 2019, is geeking out over astrophotography.

For me, it’s another way to take time, to get out into creation. To get into some space. And to keep looking up.

To stand in awe and wonder.

‘Wondering’ may involve time and space - and maybe even some 'wandering', without a clearly defined (or known) destination.

As J.R.R. Tolkein reminds us: "Not all those who wander, are lost.”

But ‘Wondering’, doesn’t demand much time, or space. And this is good news, particularly when there may be little time or space to spare.

Pausing to wonder takes a moment.

This Advent, I’m personally committing to 'More Wonder'. More specifically, I'm paying close attention to:

  • Things I’m wondering about…

  • Things I’m wondering at and over...

The first, is about curiosity.

“I wonder if…?”

The second, is about giving myself a permission slip, to wonder over people, things and circumstances: to marvel, delight, admire and respect what is good, noteworthy - remarkable even.

'“I wonder that…”

Wonder works wonders

Firstly, staying curious often leads to new discoveries.

And secondly?

Because, taking a moment to wonder at the view, means we get to appreciate where we are - right here, right now; how far we’ve come - and all the things and all the people - who are

With us.

If 'More Wondering' feels like a good thing:

How could you build in more Wonder, this Advent?

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