I don't usually wear badges. But last week, I bought myself a small enamel pin.

Over the last few days, this little pin has sparked some interesting conversations, with people who've asked me what it means - and why I’m wearing it.

I’ve tentatively explained that it’s a small, but visible, sign of intent. A reminder to myself, before others (because, #accountability) that I want to become more wholehearted.

I’m all in

This year, I'm looking forward to exploring what that might mean for me… but wholehearted living won’t look the same for everyone.

We each have a particular combination of gifts, talents, skills, and experiences.

Different roles, responsibilities and relationships uniquely shape our everyday life and work.

The world needs people who are willing to love and serve - in ordinary, extraordinary ways.

What if we found ways to live and work more wholeheartedly?

With our whole hearts.

In ways that fit who we are, not who we aren't.

Crucially, living wholeheartedly, doesn't mean we have to work “full-time” (whether that work is paid or unpaid) - doing just one thing.

Firstly, any work we’re paid for, (you might not be doing any paid work right now) will only be part of what we were made for.

Secondly, who we are, is about so much more than what we do.

Living and serving wholeheartedly might take us outside our comfort zone. It may involve showing up and investing ourselves - in ways that could involve risk, misunderstanding - and the possibility of disappointment or failure.

But being “all in” - particularly as it involves pursuing our vocation or calling, can also help us learn what it means, serve others better - and live life to the full.

Want to live more wholeheartedly this year?

I’d love to hear what that might look like for you.


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This blog post isn’t sponsored - and does not contain affiliate links. If you’d like to get hold of one of the "I'm all in" enamel pins, they’re available from Copper Boom Studio on Etsy, here.