Not many of us can honestly say that we're good with waiting.

Waiting is often difficult, uncomfortable - and just plain HARD.

We're all waiting for something…

And right now, some of us are aching.

Lamenting in waiting.

We're not just waiting, for things that will certainly happen. We're waiting for things not promised - and more uncertain.

A relationship. A job opportunity. The 'all clear' from the hospital.

We 'know' waiting isn't always a bad thing.

That sometimes it can even be good for us.

But sometimes there's a difference, between what we know - and what we ‘know’.

If waiting feels like it's killing us, it's worth asking what place we've given in our lives, to that thing we're waiting for?

As Emily P. Freeman explains:

“Whatever I put at the centre of the wait, is what carries ALL the power”.

Waiting Well

We live at a time in human history, when waiting is considered profoundly unfashionable.

But, what if we're to be powerfully fashioned by waiting?

What if we're to be formed.

And re-formed.

Even if painfully?

When we're willing to wait, although we may 'nudge' things, we stop trying to force, prematurely or otherwise, things never meant for us.

When we tune in, rather than tune out, we're able to keep watch - and notice things that matter.

When we choose gratitude, we find contentment, where there has been none.

When we use the time to prepare, we're more likely to be ready, when the waiting is over.

Sometimes, it's about simply doing the Next Right Thing.

Sometimes 'the next right thing' isn't about DOING anything new.

It's about learning to BE a person, who's being renewed.

Being still, from striving - and more activity.

Whatever you're waiting for this Advent...

What could help you live well, in the waiting?

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