The recent post on Margin, has sparked some interesting conversations online - around what 'margin' looks like, in practice.

It's been great to discuss some ideas, with people who are exploring what might work for them. Today, I wanted to follow up the original post - and share one simple idea.

If you feel like you've got Margin nailed already, feel free to move on!...

But if (like me), you're a work in progress; you could try this out - and tweak it to suit you.

This time of year, is often a season of increased demands.

Even if we’re not leaning primarily on ourselves, there are limits...

...and unexpected stuff ALWAYS comes up at the last minute.

TWO - This Week Only

TWO is a diary-management strategy I’ve been watching my husband use for a while, with interest.

It involves blocking out small slivers (or larger blocks) of contingency time, each week. These slots can be moved, but can ONLY be filled This Week Only (ie. TWO slots can't be booked out, weeks in advance.)

If there's no space built into your diary for last minute demands, it’s easy to start bumping important commitments to yourself - and others. This can end up ravaging time you've blocked out for rest, sleep, your closest relationships etc.

When this happens regularly, it doesn’t take long, for your capacity to dip.

Tiredness, fogginess and low-level illness, can significantly impact your ability to get things done well - never mind additional time you might have to spend, fixing poor decisions and mending relationships.

Blocking out one or two larger blocks of time per week - and/or or one or two smaller slots each day, can be really useful.

If this might work for you:

Where could you build in some TWO time over the next few weeks?

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