So here’s the thing:

Stories have Superpowers.

The stories we tell ourselves, can have a profound impact on us:

  • On what we believe - and sense.

  • On how we think - and feel.

  • And, on what we say - and do.

Some of these stories are very short.

A few phrases.

A few words, even.

Sometimes, almost everything is written in the spaces between words.

In the silence - and ALL the things unsaid.

Less is sometimes more. Short stories are often more memorable - which can make them potent and powerful.

(If you've got time, Google '3 word stories'. There are some great examples on the internet.)

The most familiar stories - the ones we repeatedly tell ourselves; can end up writ large, across our life and work.

These stories can end up writing our stories.

For good or ill…

And, here’s the thing: we’re not always very good at telling ourselves the truth.

Our own short stories may include phrases like:

  • “I have to...”

  • “They will always...”

  • “There’s no choice…”

  • “We can't do...”

  • “It’s not enough…”

  • “I’m completely rubbish...”

  • “It’ll never work...”

  • “It's too hard...”

  • “There’s no time/money…”

Sometimes, we have to face hard and inconvenient truths.

But other times?…

We can be too quick to make assumptions, weave them into a narrative - and believe and live, as if they are ‘gospel’.

These stories can become our living, working reality - even when they are not in the deepest sense, 'true'.

Short stories can become self fulfilling prophecies.

If we let them.

Where there is a story or phrase that you regularly repeat to yourself, that isn't serving you - it’s worth considering if there’s an underlying assumption, or a limiting belief, that could do with being revisited.

So here’s the question…

Which of the short stories you tell yourself, aren’t actually true?

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