Lately, I've had several conversations, in which we've started somewhere else - and later found ourselves talking about issues around wellbeing.

Everything is connected.

So perhaps it's not surprising, that we sometimes find ourselves here, when we started off talking about feeling 'stuck', trying to manage #allthethings - or challenges we’re facing around dealing with transition or change.

Where we notice how our wellbeing is playing out, across the breadth of our life and work, it can shed some light, on what we might want to be different. And where we could start.

Obviously, not everything is about wellbeing. And great self-care doesn’t fix everything.

But it helps.

YOUR Wellbeing Matters

Your wellbeing profoundly affects your ability to think clearly, develop vision, make great decisions and follow through, communicate with others, maintain healthy boundaries - and deal with conflict.

And so many other things.

'Good enough' self-care is about doing things for yourself, that are within your control, that can protect, maintain and improve your personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It’s about doing what you can, to take care of yourself, in body, mind and spirit. Not just for your own sake - but for the sake of others.

The three things I most regularly notice people say about self-care is:

  1. There's never time.

  2. There's always something more important.

  3. Spending time on self-care feels self-centred.

But here's the thing:

Self-care isn't selfish

Taking better care of yourself, means you're equipped for service.

It means you’re in better position to be the person you want to be, in your life and work and relationships - and to do the things you’re called to do.

Maybe, just maybe - good self-care is part of whole-life discipleship…

In what ways might investing in your own self-care enable you to serve others better?

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