Saving time - to spend on something that matters

Saving time - to spend on something that matters

I'm a great believer in being 'time positive'. But we live within limits.

We all get 7 good days a week. That's 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds. 

There are no 'roll overs'. And no family sharing. So even when we 'save' time - we don't get to bank it - we simply spend it on something else.

What will you do with yours?

I love writing. It's one of my favourite things to do. 

But, this week, I've taken a decision to tap out a quick post here, so that I've got more time, to spend on something else that matters to me.

I'm confident this is the right decision, but it feels #awkward. 

Why? Because I’ve not yet learned to write both quickly - and well. 

I’d love to be one of those people who writes great blog posts in under an hour. But the truth is, that right now, it takes time.

When it feels like there’s plenty of time - I feel like I can afford to take longer over writing weekly blog posts.

And when there isn’t plenty of time?... 

I need to be ready to make some choices.

What am I willing to spend less time doing - so I can spend more time doing something else?

All of us have some freedom, about how we spend our time.

Some of us have more freedom than others - and live with plenty of 'margin' in our lives. But others are operating close to, or beyond, full capacity.

Where we are free to choose, it's usually not that hard, to decide to spend less time doing something you don’t even like doing - or something that doesn’t really matter.

It can be harder, to spend less time doing something that matters, something you enjoy,

It may be worth it, if it means you can do more of something that matters more - for a season.

This week, I've launched Midsummer30 - a free 30 day online community. 

This matters to me. A lot. 

Why? Because working with others, on the things that are important to them, is one of my favourite things to do, as a coach. 

We're all working on different things - but what we have in common, is that we're wanting to spend 30 minutes a day, for 30 days, working on something that matters to us.

So this week, I need to spend a bit less time on something that matters to me (the blog), so I can invest more time in something that matters more right now (laying the foundations for our 30 day online community.)

In time, I want to get quicker and better, at writing and sharing great content.

The next time I run a 30 day online community (watch this space!) I’ll also start with a better idea of what I need to do, to create a great experience for those who join the group.

So, here's the thing: 

This week, I'd planned to research and write a blog post sharing some ideas about how to save 30 minutes a day - to help the group reclaim the time to spend on their projects.

For those of us with plenty of 'margin' in their lives, reclaiming the time might be as simple as spending 30 minutes less on social media (Oh, Hello, Facebook) - or watching one less episode of our favourite series on Netflix.

Those of us with less margin, may need to find more creative ideas - and work smarter, rather than harder, to leverage our time, to make room for what we're working on these days.

We're on the look out for tips and tricks, to save time where we can, so we can spend it on something that matters to us - at least for the next 30 days.

This might involve doing less of some of the things we love to do - or settling for making a 'good enough' job of something, rather than spending twice (or three times) as long on the same thing, just to make a better job of it.

Here’s what I’m learning this week…

Although I enjoy researching and creating content myself, I'm reminded of how much I LOVE collaborating with others.

There's also a much bigger opportunity here, one that I might otherwise have missed: to work together - and build community.

I’m here to serve others - but I can do that more effectively, if I’m willing to collaborate - and share both the load and the credit, for the ideas and content we gather together.

With this in mind, I'm inviting followers and friends of AWAY around the internet - to help us crowdsource some shared learning - so we ALL get to share some tips and tricks: to save time, so we can spend it - on the things that matters to us. 

If you'd like access to the Pinterest board we're building - and  are willing to share some of your favourite time saving tips with us, follow Away Coaching here - and drop me a message on Pinterest, to let me know that you'd like to be added to the board, as a contributor.  

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