5 Simple Steps When You Need To Hit Reset

5 Simple Steps When You Need To Hit Reset

Ever feel like your life and work are full of challenges, uncertainties and complexities?

Know this: You're not alone.

As it turns out, even when life feels less stressful and more straightforward, it’s still all-too-easy to get stuck. Even when the story you tell yourself is that you’re someone this shouldn’t happen to…

Staying stuck isn’t fun.

When we lack clarity and focus, we can end up either:

  • tuning out - and doing nothing, or mindlessly doing things without thinking, or

  • overthinking every single thing - getting stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ and doing a huge amount of thinking, whilst making little actual progress.

Instead of doing just enough to help us find the way ahead - and then walk in it, we can find ourselves:

  • following the path of least resistance and simply going with the flow; or

  • constantly going round in circles, second guessing ourselves - and driving ourselves to distraction.

The trouble with both of these approaches, is that neither one helps us do the things we want to do, or be the people we want to be.

So how can we get unstuck?

When we don’t know what to do, we can:

  • Talk to someone - our partner, our boss, a colleague or a trusted friend.

  • Ask the internet

  • Reach for a book

  • Get quiet with ourselves

  • Pray

Whatever else you do (and ALL of these are good things) finding a way to press pause and give yourself time to think can help you:

  • See more clearly where you are now - and where you want to be.

  • Know what matters to you.

  • Work out how you can do the things you’re meant to do, with what you already have within you have in your hand, or within faith-filled reach.

  • Be the person you’re called to be.

  • Find ways to do your life and work that mean you don’t burn out on the way.

We’re all unique and on our own journey through life on earth.

Doing our life's work well will look different for each one of us.

Taking time to reset can help you REFLECT on where you are, begin to EXPLORE your options - and identify a SIMPLE truth about whatever you're thinking about. It can also help you decide where best to put your ENERGY - and how to connect all this back to your TEAM - the people around you.

Whenever you’re looking for more clarity, or want to think about a particular area of your life or work, a simple framework can be just what you need, to help you get started.

Introducing RESET

We want to serve you better, so we’ve developed RESET: a simple tool that offers you a way to bring some shape to your thinking, so you can get unstuck, start navigating the way ahead - and simply do the next right thing.

A basic framework won’t give you the answers. But it will help you ask yourself some good questions. The kind that can help you change the way you live and work.

For good.

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