Over the last week, many of us have been reminded of the importance of remembering.

How can we remember things we don't want to forget?

Sometimes, remembering is about recalling past events, stories, or memories. Other times, it's about facts and information: Remembering our learning. Being able to bring back to mind, what we said - and sensed - and saw. Remembering an alternative perspective, it would be all-too-easy to forget.

Life is made up of SO MANY THINGS - and thankfully, we don't need to hold onto all of them.

There are times, I'm incredibly grateful for the 'gift of forgetting.'

For some, remembering comes easily.

For others, it doesn't often, if ever.

It's useful, to develop ways that work for us - and for *this*, so we can remember things that matter.

Getting stuff down - and in - and getting it out again

In coaching conversations, I often encourage the person who's thinking, to notice what they're learning. And to make some sort of record they can access later - if that might be useful.

An 'external' record, might involve words, or pictures: A list on paper. One word on a sticky post-it note. A simple sketch. A mind-map. A diary note, on the calendar app on a mobile phone - with a reminder set.

An 'internal' record, might be a feeling, a thought, or impression. A gut sense in the 'know-er'. A sense in the spirit.

Creating habits and practises, in our life and work, can help us record and retrieve things we want to remember.

Giving ourselves every opportunity to recall things that matter, helps us bring what we need, to our planning and conversations, to our decision making. And to the tasks of Every. Single. Day.

This week, how might you take steps to remember, things you don't want to forget?

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