Life is a stream of information.

We’re constantly bombarded with more data than we can process. We filter most of it out - and give weight to a small percentage of what we sense and see.

We only see in part - and from a particular place.

And how we ‘frame’ things matters.

How we make sense of events, is shaped by our personal perspective - and our unique frame of reference.

We assign meaning, based on a complex set of expectations and assumptions.

What motivates other people, for example. Or what they meant, by what they said.

Our past learning, prior experience and personal prejudices ALL influence how we interpret information.

Our perspective may well be valid. But it may not be the only one.

There are often different ways to interpret the same set of circumstances, that are no less ‘true’.

Put two people in the middle of the same situation and they will see different things - and see things differently:

One person will see someone who is angry. Another will see someone who is hurting. One person will see an insurmountable problem. Another will see a huge challenge - but one which is potentially achievable.

It can be tempting to reinterpret a difficult set of circumstances, to make it less painful, or more palatable.

But reframing things doesn’t necessarily mean being in denial.

Seeing things differently and interpreting them in a new way, can help get you unstuck - and give you a way forward, where there appears to be none.

Without compromising the truth.

In a situation you’re facing this week, maybe it’s time to consider looking at things from a different place.

How could changing your perspective, give you new insight into what you might do next?

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