Noticing things matters

It gives us an opportunity to: 

  • think about what we need to think about

  • say what we need to say

  • prepare to take action, where that’s what is required

  • or simply to know things - and hold them.

But, honestly?

Many of us don’t spot the things that might help us see where we are now - or what we might do next.

We’ve all got blind spots. 

Sometimes we’re running too fast, to notice what we need to notice. 

Or we’re simply looking the other way.

And here’s the thing:

When it comes to our work, our relationships, our finances and our wellbeing - not giving ourselves time to notice things, can end up being really costly.

Not just to us, but to those around us.

Often we don’t need to have another person alongside us for this.

But sometimes, a different perspective - a second pair of independent eyes and ears - can be really useful.

Time and again, having someone to keep me company while I think has helped me notice what I need to notice, so I can go away and think, pray and take action.

If the idea of someone saying what they sense and hear and see, feels uncomfortable - trust me...

I get that.

But coaches don’t interpret or assume.

They simply notice - without prejudice.

You're free to decide, whether anything is a ‘thing’ (or not).

And if it is, what (if anything) comes next.

You decide what matters.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been grateful for those who’ve helped me notice things that I’d not yet seen. 

And that fresh awareness has been a gift to me.

What do you need to notice this week?


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