If you book up your diary 1-2 months ahead, December may be filling up quickly. If you’ve not already done so, now’s a great time to block in enough ‘margin’, to help you live well - and serve others better, through the festive season.

Living with Margin

Living with margin is about putting enough white space between the sum total of our commitments - and the very edges of ourselves and our resources. 

“Margin is the space between our load and our limits.” Richard Swenson

A healthy margin is about maintaining a respectful distance, between the edge of where we live and work - and the actual edge.

The kind you don’t want to go over.

We may have strategies in place that work in our everyday lives. But in the weeks before Christmas, we don’t do what we normally do.

Living with margin, isn’t only about protecting ourselves. It’s also about protecting others from what can happen, when we live beyond our limits.

There are often more demands and expectations placed on us. Inboxes and answerphones fill up, with a wealth of seductive opportunities to sacrificially overcommit - and some of us are willing martyrs.

It can be tempting to budget to the outer limits of our time and energy. But building margin into our diaries, will enable us to live ‘life to the full’ (in the way that Jesus intended!) celebrate and rest - without crashing and burning.

A margin doesn’t have to be a hard line.

But where life and work require more evening commitments than you would normally take on, it’s worth considering where else you might do less.

Want to experience more peace - and less panic - this Christmas?

What can you do now, that you’ll be glad you did, when you look at your diary on 1 December?

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