Great conversations about stuff that matters

Great conversations about stuff that matters

Do you remember the last time you had a great conversation?

If so, can you put your finger on what it was, that made it a 'great' conversation - rather than just a good chat?

What makes a great conversation for you?

Maybe it’s one in which:

  • You feel heard?

  • Someone asks you a good question, that really makes you think?

  • For once, no-one tries to give you advice, that you weren’t asking for?

  • You experience just the right combination of support - and challenge?

  • At some stage, a lightbulb comes on - and you realise that you know something new - something that you didn't know before?

Many of us (myself included!) love a good chat - but sometimes we’re after something else.

In my experience, the best conversations, are often about something more than sharing information, or re-telling a well-rehearsed narrative.

Whilst gathering more information, or repeating a familiar story, can be of some use (at least some of the time);

The best conversations, are often less about information - and more about transformation.

In a season where I've got lots to think about, in my own life and work; over last week, I’ve been thankful for some great conversations with others:

One was with my husband, at home; another, with a close friend, in our local Wetherspoons. A third took place on a video conference platform online, with someone who lives a long way away - but with whom I share a deep sense of vision and purpose. The last, (but by no means least!) was with a man I’ve only met once - and took place in a community cafe, that takes place at the back of our church.

Sometimes, it’s a case of working out which conversation belongs where and when - or with whom.

Interestingly, I’ve found that the best people, with whom to have some conversations I need to have; are not the people who know me best!

Over the last week, the conversations which have had the most 'edge' (and may turn out to have the most impact) - have been with people who don't know me well.

None of them were coaching-style conversations.

All of them were really valuable - in different ways.

SETTING YOURSELF UP TO HAVE conversations that matter

Occasionally, some of the best conversations seem to happen almost by chance, when people bump into each other (although I suspect, not entirely by chance!!…); but we can increase the likelihood of having a great conversation, by doing some preparation.

You’re more likely to have the conversation you want to have, when you take time to create and agree an intentional space for it - and commit to showing up. Agreeing some kind of agenda (even a super-informal one) can also be useful - so you can work out where to start - where you want to get to by the end - and how you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

How could you create the right space for that important conversation - the one that you really need to have?

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