In the week Thanksgiving sits next to the biggest shopping event of the year; it’s particularly noticeable that many of us have a complicated relationship with gratitude.

Writ large, it's a reminder we lurch between thankfulness - and spending, to try to solve problems, meet our needs - and satisfy our desire for more.

There are things it's hard to buy.

This week, I've been away with an amazing group of women and had some great conversations. I've heard powerful stories of gratitude - amidst joy and suffering, plenty and poverty, challenge and victory.

Against the backdrop of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I'm reminded that an 'attitude of gratitude' doesn't just change our mindset. It also increases our resources - and our resourcefulness.

In coaching, we often think about:

  • What is going well - as well as where there are challenges.

  • What you have - as well as what you don't have

  • What is - as well as what is not.

Noticing what we’re grateful for takes practice.

But both in the room - and out into the world…

Gratitude changes the conversation

Crucially, authentic gratitude, isn’t about wishful thinking, lying to others, or deceiving ourselves.

It’s all about keeping it real - and being the people we want to be.

As it turns out, soul-deep thankfulness shifts our mindset and unlocks possibilities. And it multiplies out, across the breadth of our life and work.

Gratitude affects how we show up in the world, what we do - and how we do it.

It builds connections. It deepens and strengthens our personal and professional relationships.

Grateful people make better leaders, bosses, colleagues, partners and friends.

In a world where there are too many vicious circles…

Gratitude creates virtuous circles.

Even in the dust and the dirt.

Facing a potentially challenging meeting this week?

How might gratitude shift the conversation?

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