Change changes things

And it changes us.

With or without our permission.

Sometimes we get to plan and prepare, for weeks or months in advance. At other times, change comes suddenly, without warning.

Sometimes, there's no time for planning or preparation. At all.

Always, there are endings and beginnings - and often, some wilderness in between. Even 'good' change brings significant challenges. The 'hard' kind, even more so.

Always, there's an opportunity to respond.

In last week's post, I wrote about how noticing things, gives you an opportunity to name some of your thoughts and questions. To unpack and process decisions - and consider how to approach any practical challenges.

Even in times of significant challenge, there’s an opportunity to respond well.

One of the challenges (especially if you're busy) is to take time to think, so you can reflect on what you're learning - and work out what to do next.

This matters - especially when you are not in control of all the things. Which (let's face it!) is ALL of the time…

One of the things that's changed here, over the last week, is that my eldest son has headed off to start University. He's landed amongst the bright lights of a beautiful city, nearly 200 miles away.

And I miss him. Big time.

It's been wistful few weeks - at times tinged with the sadness of endings. But it's also been a hopeful season, of new possibilities. It's been exciting to see him start his big adventure.

And besides, he's SO ready for this.

Giving myself some time to process the transition, without overthinking it, is helping me to deal with both the expected (and unexpected) challenges of this new season.

In an area where you're facing change, what's the next thing you can do, to respond well?

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