If you’re starting 2019, facing some important questions about your life and work, know this:

You’re not alone.

I’m starting the year with some significant questions myself.

Some of these are exciting. But I don’t mind admitting, that some of them are big, hairy - and pretty darned scary!...

Many of us are starting this year, facing some uncertainties.

For me, it’s around the make up of the ‘portfolio’ of roles and responsibilities I’ll be carrying through this year - and into the years ahead. More specifically, how best to combine the paid and unpaid work I’m called to - and love - with the resourcing to enable it to happen sustainably.

This week, I’ve been grateful for some timely reminders - not least from the sign outside my eldest son’s favourite local Italian restaurant:

If you don’t know… ASK.

Of course, we don’t get to know ALL the things.

At times, we need to be willing to move forwards, in the dark - or with the light we DO have.

Sometimes, it’s OK not to know…

…Until it isn’t.

There are some things, that eventually we DO need to know…

And sometimes, we don’t get to know…

…Until we ASK.

Asking can feel pretty uncomfortable.

At times, it feels like there’s a fine line, between being assertive - and coming across as ‘pushy’.

Asking can also feel risky.

Especially if you’re already fairly emotionally, financially or spiritually invested.

What if you get a ‘No’, or a ‘Not Yet’; when you were longing for a ‘Yes’ - or at least, a ‘Definite Maybe’?

Sometimes it’s useful to get some practise asking questions, in a safe place - and have somewhere to explore some ‘what if’s’ - and what you might do next.

When it comes to your life and work:

What’s the question it’s time to get ready to ask?


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On a personal note:

This month, I’m going to be asking some questions, here on the blog - over on Twitter and Facebook - and in your inbox, if you subscribe to the blog or the monthly newsletter. Your answers will help me shape things up, to serve you better this year.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.