30 good minutes

30 good minutes

In my recent article for Woman Alive magazine (July 2018): “Can you be just TOO lovely?” I explored the idea that, whilst many of us want to create more ‘loveliness' in the world, saying ‘Yes’ - when it might be better to say ‘No’, can be super costly. 

Being willing to serve others matters. But when our main driving force, in terms of how we spend our time and energy, becomes people pleasing - and comes from a place of fear of disappointing others, or creating conflict; this can leave us feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Because, guess what? If you haven't worked this out (although I bet you have) - here's the truth:

You can’t do #allthethings.

If you've got very little left, to give to the things that are important to you, it’s time to take a breath - and take your courage in both hands. 

Healthy boundaries matter.

If you’re officially DONE with saying ‘Yes', when you want to say ‘No’ - and whispering ‘No’ when you long to yell ‘YES!’ - maybe it’s time to rethink - and start taking action?

  • Where, across the breadth of your life and work, might things need to give - even just a little, so you’re free to start making more choices now, that you’ll be happy with later?

  • What ONE thing can you do, this week, to begin to reclaim some time and energy, to focus on stuff that matters?

Rather than trying to radically overhaul your time management straight away (cue more stress and overwhelm!) - ask yourself where you might be able to free up even a small amount of time regularly, to reinvest, in something that’s important to you. Something that isn’t happening right now - but that you’d love to find - and hold - some space for.

  • Just 5 minutes a day adds up to more than half an hour over a week.

  • 10 minutes a day adds up to more than an hour.

  • 30 minutes a day adds up to three hours. (That’s pretty much a whole morning a week!)

If you could do anything...

What would you choose to do with 30 good minutes a day?

If you’re wailing at your screen: “You don’t understand. If you only knew what my life was like, you’d realise that I can’t find an extra 30 minutes a day.” - I get it.

Life isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, life is HARD.

I get that whilst a few of us have more free time than we know what do with - many of us feel like we’re regularly, or constantly overstretched.

But, if you’re fed up with NEVER getting round to doing something that deep down is really important to you, it’s time to grab that frustration with both hands - and turn it into action.

You know what? You’ve got this!

And if you’d like some company, I’m here to encourage you - and provide some extra support on the way.

Starting Monday 18 June 2018, I’m hosting Midsummer30 - a free 30 day online community, for anyone who wants to spend 30 minutes a day, doing something that matters. 

Wondering how you could find 30 minutes a day?

That’s OK. Please, please don’t let that stop you from getting started. You get to start small - and small is beautiful, right?

On Tuesday 19 June, I’ll be sharing a new post - and a link to a Pinterest board. I'm hoping this might be a way we can collaborate - and share some ideas about how we can find more time, for things that matter.

And in the meantime?... 

Why not sign up to Midsummer30 as a step of a faith. A statement of intent. A quiet, but brave declaration, that it’s time for things to change.

We’ll be going really gently (and small steps are super powerful). There is grace here - and I’d love to have you with us.

If you’d like to find out more about Midsummer30, there’s further information over on the Away Coaching website here


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