You’re not looking for advice. You don’t need therapy. You just want somewhere to think, so you can work out what to do next.

Sometimes, we do our best thinking on our own. But at times, it’s good to have someone who can keep us company and support us as we develop our own thinking.

Many of us have supportive personal and professional relationships in our everyday life and work. Family members, friends, colleagues and managers can all play a valuable part in providing us with the time and space we need, to think about the things we need to think about.

But sometimes, it’s useful to have somewhere to think, AWAY from the context of our everyday life and work.

We’re here if you want time to think about something that matters - and you’re looking for a safe space to work out what you’re going to do about that.



Want to do your life’s work well?

Hi, I'm Sarah, Founder of AWAY.

AWAY is a modern, faith-filled personal and professional development community. We serve ordinary, extraordinary people who are looking for ways to do their life’s work well and make a difference in the world, wherever they are.

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1:1 Coaching

AWAY offers 1:1 coaching to individuals and organisations, including local churches, charities, not-for-profits and businesses, who want to give their people somewhere to do some useful thinking.

We work with people who are thinking about anything from one very specific area, to a range of things across the full breadth of their life and work.

Some of our clients are leaders in the workplace, in business, in charities or in the church. Others don’t think of themselves as leaders at all. Some are employed in healthcare or education, others are self-employed creatives and entrepreneurs. Some are pouring themselves out in love and service of others in their homes and communities, without getting paid for it at all.

We work with people who want to:

  • Make a difference, through who they are - and what they do.

  • Leverage their time, energy and resources - so they can be more productive and increase their impact.

  • Experience greater clarity, and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Explore their current options - and work out how to unlock new opportunities.

  • Tackle any challenges or obstacles they are facing.

  • Live and work in ways which support and improve their own wellbeing.

Many of our clients share our Christian faith, but that’s definitely not a requirement. Whatever your worldview, we’ll work with you, to create a coaching environment that equips you to think and act with integrity and contains the right combination of support and stretch, so you’re ready to move forwards.